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These testimonials offer a glimpse into the success stories that define Mike's commitment to excellence. These recommendations are just a few of the many valued customers Mike has worked with across his 20+ years in the industry. More can be found here.


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Nick Bell - Founder of First Page

Mike is a leader in his industry! He is professional, responsive and most importantly delivers a great result for his clients. I strongly recommend Mike for all your domain needs. He is a true gentlemen!
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Vincent D'Amico - Director of Communications at Tunnel to Towers Foundation

Mike went above and beyond the call to acquire a domain when a deal was quite frankly seemed impossible. No one in the industry knows more than this man. Mike Robertson is in an elite class as a professional in his industry.
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Brian Gilbert - Director of Business Development at Thomason Management, Inc.

We've worked with Mike for several years now and have been nothing but impressed with Mike's attention to our account and needs. He always goes the extra mile. His advice and industry foresight are head and shoulders above the rest.
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Jason Richelson - CEO at™

Mike is my go-to guy when I need to purchase a hard-to-get domain. He knows how to find the right contacts and negotiate the right deal. His long experience means he know everyone in the business.
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Freddy Jose Mangum -CEO Advisor

Our company needed someone to help purchase a series of domain names and Mike came highly recommended. Glad I listened. He was extremely responsive, professional and insightful. I would work with Mike again and highly recommend him.
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Jeff Kaney - CEO & Founder at Kaney Aerospace

I tried for 12 years to get the exact domain I wanted. I was connected to Mike, he tracked this untraceable person down, took him months, but he was successful. Mike was beyond awesome and if it wasn't for him, we would still not have the exact domain we wanted.
domain name acquisition

Kash Badami - Entrepreneur and Investor

Mike really works hard to help negotiate a price. This may seem odd, because Mike gets paid a commission, so he is incentivized to keep the price higher from a purely monetary perspective. But he did no such thing. He helped us negotiate the price down to 40% of the sellers asking price.
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Brian Null - Co-Founder of

Mike Robertson set the bar for world-class service and integrity in the domain industry for years. He is truly one of the good guys both personally and professionally. I give Mike my strongest recommendation.
domain management

Samantha Frida - Consultant

Mike is one of my favorite people in the industry - he is not only a really nice person, he is also extremely professional in his business dealings. He is extremely well-liked and respected in the industry. One more thing I love about Mike is that he is respectful, honest and kind in the way he communicates and deals with people, which I think is what naturally draws people to him.
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Scott Parker - Co-Founder

After talking to a few different brokers, we went with Mike based on his pragmatic, results-first mindset. We're so glad we did! Our process was a longshot with a few twists and turns, but Mike was a pro at navigating them with patience and hustle. We ended up with a great deal at a great price thanks to Mike's industry expertise.
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