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Since 2002, Mike Robertson has helped companies strategize and acquire their dream domain name, as well as assisted clients sell their premium domains. He has also provided Business Development services; identifying new opportunities, building and fostering successful business relationships and partnerships.


mike robertson, domain broker, buy a domain
mike robertson, domain broker, domain name acquisition
mike robertson, domain broker, domain acquisition

Shortly after completing his Bachelor degree (Business Marketing) Mike began his career in the domain name industry, working at Dark Blue Sea, the parent company of During his tenure there he went from a Sales Representative to Business Development Manager and the face of the company. Affectionately known as "Mike Fabulous" he built a reputation as a leading professional in his field and is regarded as one of the most trusted and respected individuals in the industry.

Mike then co-founded the domain brokerage company, Domain Guardians, where he had success in acquiring and selling premium domains for clients, including,,,,, and

In 2014, Mike relocated to Tampa, Florida where he was based for six years, as the Director of Business Development for DNC Holdings, the parent company of During his time with DNC he managed a number of portfolios for key clients. At any given time he was responsible for anywhere between 30K and 100K domains. His duties included renewals, consolidation, monetization, sales and acquisitions;  all the day to day tasks in operating a domain portfolio. He also managed relationships with various partners including GoDaddy/Afternic, Sedo and NameJet/SnapNames. One of his major accomplishments was spearheading the acquisition of, the company where he started his career; a very full circle moment.

Now back in Australia, Mike is an independent consultant. Offering domain brokerage and portfolio management services as well as business development activities.


Core Qualities

One of the most trusted and respected people in the industry.
Operate with integrity, honesty and high ethical standards.


Over 20 years of industry knowledge and expertise.

Exemplary communication and negotiation skills.


Will go above and beyond to get the desired result.
Committed to achieving and exceeding client's goals.


Have often been successful where others have failed.
Exhausting all avenues to ensure client's results are achieved.


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