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Trusted and respected professional to assist with domain name acquisitions, sales and management.

Domain Name Specialist

Mike is a driven and passionate individual, who is highly respected and trusted within the domain name community. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Mike is an invaluable asset if you need assistance with anything related to domain names.


Mike Robertson, domain name broker, domain acquisitions

Since 2002, Mike Robertson has helped companies strategize and acquire their dream domain name, as well as assisted clients sell their premium domains. He also provides Business Development services; identifies new opportunities, builds and fosters successful business relationships and partnerships.


Specializes in securing premium, memorable domain names for individuals, companies, venture capitalists, agencies and startups. Assists clients navigate the complexities of domain acquisitions, guiding them through the entire process of purchasing their perfect web address.

Domain Acquisitions

Purchase a domain

Leverages industry expertise and a robust network of contacts to facilitate the process of selling  premium domain names effortlessly. Helps clients obtain maximize value when selling their domain name assets.

Selling Domains

Offers comprehensive knowledge and expertise to effortlessly handle all aspects of domain portfolio management; from registration and renewal to monetization and sales. Gives the utmost care and consideration to ensure that client's domains are secure and realizing maximum earning potential.

Portfolio Management

Pursues new strategic relationships, cultivate existing partnerships, identify market opportunities and grow customer base. Implements initiatives that encourages long-term prosperity. Commits to taking your business to new heights.

Business Development

Acquire a domain


Mike helped me track down a domain registrant that I thought was unreachable. I think he must have some sort of magic with domains, because he was super quick. But not only was he super effective, he checked in with me often and was super easy to work with.

Kyle Eliason

We have tried several domain buying services, but after paying their up front fees, all they could do was tell us that the seller wasn't interested. Not only was Mike able to get in touch with the seller and find their price, he was able to close the deal far faster than we ever expected.

Spenser Goodman

I was able to watch Mike conduct transactions as a true professional who genuinely respects those he works with. Mike always  had a consistently positive and kind attitude. He truly knows how to work with people, operates in above par professionalism and transparency.

Jennifer Kahani

I have known Mike for about a decade. He is more diligent than anyone I have ever seen. He never leaves a loose end. Always in control. Never forgets to do what he says. A pleasure to do business with. And a terrific person besides that.

Rick Schwartz

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