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Whether you are wanting to acquire your dream domain name or sell one of your premium domain names, choose Mike Robertson to act as your dedicated broker. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and will help guide you through the entire process. Having sold numerous domains for 7-figures, Mike always strives to get the maximum price for your domain names. When acquiring domains, Mike's tenacity and commitment will ensure positive results. He has successfully acquired domains where other brokers have failed.

Portfolio Management

Mike has an abundance of experience in managing domain name portfolios. Whether it's a portfolio of 100 or 100,000 domain names, his dedication and attention to detail will ensure that your domains are protected, as well as maximizing their earning potential and return on investment. Mike can provide a full range of management services including domain name consolidation, renewals, monetization and sales. Mike will work with you to achieve the best results possible.

Business Development

If you are looking for someone to pursue strategic opportunities, cultivate partnerships or identify new markets, Mike is your guy. With over 15 years experience in Business Development roles, he has the skills, talent and charisma required to help grow your business and increase profits. One of Mike's strengths is his comprehensive network and being able to leverage it to connect with decision makers, leading to long and loyal partnerships. He is committed to taking your business to new heights.

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